Booking Interpreters

We understand how difficult it can be to book sign language interpreters, with a national shortage, complicated booking fees and expensive interpreting agencies. Our aim is to simplify the whole process.

Simply call, SMS or email your request for an interpreter and we’ll do the rest. We’ll search for a freelance interpreter, let you know what the options are and then confirm with you the details of the booking.

Once the assignment is finished the interpreter will invoice us, we’ll pay the interpreter and then invoice you.

Our invoice will only include the interpreters fees plus our standard booking fee. It really is that simple.

Access to Work

We specialise in Access to Work assignments and communication support work. We have been a preferred provider in these areas since we set up back in 2007.

We understand that managing an Access to Work budget can be time consuming and can distract you from your paid employment. That is why for the last 4 years we have provided all of our Access to Work customers with free support with their Access to Work paperwork.

At the end of the month we send you your completed Access to Work claim form. All you need to do is check the hours, sign the form and then make sure your employer signs the form. Then you return the completed paperwork to the Access to Work team.

Electronic Note-taking/Speech to Text Reporting

We  also provide speech to text reporters. This service can be booked in the same way as booking an interpreter.  Speech to text reporters use systems called Palantype or Stenograph. They use a special keyboard to type every word that is spoken by a speaker. Speech to text reporting is suitable for deaf people who are comfortable reading English, often at high speed and sometimes for a long time.

Electronic notetaking is a communication service in which an operator produces a typed summary of a meeting, lecture or presentation for a deaf person.