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Are you a freelance worker who finds there is no support available?

Ensign offers a high quality Mentoring Service in a safe, nurturing environment in which Communication Support Workers (CSWs) and Interpreters can develop their skills and experience.

Our Mentoring Service gives support and guidance to help you achieve your career aspirations and full potential.[/one_half]

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We offer a qualified mentor, who is a qualified experienced interpreter.

We will give you support, advice, information and guidance. We tailor our support to your requirements.

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You will have an initial meeting with the mentor to discuss the contract. This will cover the issues to be explored, number of sessions, cost, dates and times, location of meetings.

The sessions may be practical and involve the mentor observing you or you shadowing the mentor.  They may include time to discuss other issues and dilemmas.

We will make sure the sessions focus on what you want to explore, for example, if you wish to cover a different interpreting domain (e.g. community based or meetings) we can arrange for you to observe an interpreter working in those situations.

[/toggle][toggle title=”Our Trainers” open=”no”] All our trainers are highly skilled and between us we have many years of experience. We are a friendly and supportive team and we make sure that those we mentor have a positive learning experience.[/toggle][toggle title=”More Information?” open=”no”]We will be happy to answer any questions you have about our Mentoring Service. You can contact us by email, sms or phone 07824 707561[/toggle][/accordian]